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Minna Sumelius 93 – radical justice!

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I am a 37 year old active Turku citizen, an NGO and communications hack, a vegan chef, a modern, liberal socialist, intersectional feminist and an all round fiery common-sense person. I am running for the  Turku city council in the municipal elections this spring.

Election themes 2017

#1 Equality in Turku!

Services must be made equal for all, no matter what their social class, physical ability, sexual preference, gender, ethnic backgroun, employment status, age or any other personal atribute may be.

  • Services must be provided by the city and be available to all
  • A review of gender effects must be implemented in all decision making
  • Zero tolerance on discrimination, harassment, racism. Turku should be a safe space. There is room for us all!

#2  Democracy in Turku!

Turku must be returned to all it’s citizens. Instead of old boy’s clubs and property developers ruling, we need true local democracy. Local polls, district parliaments, democratic zoning and a true sense of community.

  • More open decision making
  • Zero tolerance of corruption
  • More polling
  • Involve residents in all steps of zoning
  • A pilot program for local parliaments
  • More support to the city’s own communities

# 3 Ecology in Turku!

Turku must take part in the communal effort to combat climate change. We must make investments in clean energy and lower energy consumption. We must disengage from fossil fuel and nuclear. We must ride bikes and rails and instead of supporting a world of automobiles, we should all enjoy vegetarian food.

  • The city-run energy company Turku Energia must disengage from the Fennovoima nuclear power plant project
  • No more investment in coal, peat or other fossil fuels
  • More resources for renewable energy
  • Low energy technologies, such as low energy houses should receive more support
  • We need a proper network of bike paths
  • 30kmh speed limit downtown
  • We should start building the tram system, we can afford it!
  • We need a city bike system

#Sumelius2017 #radicaljustice

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