Our perspective

There is an alternative to cuts and an alternative to privatization: It is a two-way integration, shared responsibility and political participation. 

Enable and facilitate economic opposition to capitalist enterprise

Invest in public goods and services and in human potential

Engage all segments of society as contributors and creators

Compensate all labour by the same standards

Mobilize community against violence and discrimination

Bring Human Rights perspective into all decisions and policies

Care for the needy in dignifying manner

Emphasize humanity and social cooperation in education


I am Olga Zamurović. I am running for the Helsinki city Council to represent YOU!


Left Alliance is giving you an opportunity for change

We are mobilizing around the country to put Finland back to the right moral track


Vote for me and for the Left Alliance!

Neighbours and Comrades,

I am a candidate for the city council because I believe that I can contribute a broad progressive perspective to our current situation and problems facing us.

Values, moral principles and paradigms our society is founded upon,  must be brought back to public discourse, reexamined and revised.

In decision making the priority has to be given to the moral aspect of any proposed legislation or action.

Female perspective and women’s wellbeing have to be risen to the equal respect, regard and significance, and must reflected in structural solutions.

My aim is to promote intercultural dialogue and collaboration on all levels of the society, a model of multi-actor partnership and horizontal distribution of power.

System in which privileges are established and embedded in the structure has do be dismantled. We want to live in a non-hierarchical union of equal individuals, with equal rights and liberties, enjoying equal protection by the system in which we are investing our human potential and value, freedom from violence, oppression and exploitation.

We want peaceful society. And the only way to achieve it is to live as substantially equals. Inequality of life experiences between members of one community; everything being known globally, it has come down to just one global community in that sense; cannot generate a potential for peace. Rather it generates tension, insecurity, distrust, anger, unrest and conflict. Which is the loss for all. Except for those who are watching the game from behind the wall of the gated community.

We want to achieve the lowest possible level of inequality in distribution of resources that will allow us to function as a global community.  It is the only way for all of us to survive. There are too many of us for the revolution in which anyone could win or even stay alive. Yet, expecting from the oppressed to accept and not resist the oppression is underestimating human need to enjoy liberty.

Life without dignity looks only acceptable from the position of privilege and when applicable on others.

You only want to establish the principle by which is acceptable to enslave the other being if you feel yourself excluded from the possibility of ending up on the loosing side of the tide.

Olga Zamurović


I am a dramatic artist, facilitator and intersectional researcher

I am raising three daughters; in high school, primary school and kindergarten

I am vegan

I am lucky to have a Master Degree in Drama, from Belgrade University of Dramatic Arts

I love to work on interdisciplinary art projects

I am passionate about teaching acting, drama and the applied practices  https://www.facebook.com/drama.and.wellbeing/  http://olgazamurovich.wixsite.com/olga-zamurovic

I work as a voluntary member and vice chair of the board of Helsinki English Montessori Kindergarten, a non-profit organization.

I am a member of Helsinki Film Academy, an open collective academic film school  https://helsinkifilmacademy.com/briefly-in-english/

I am a member of the Council of Left Women’s Network

My hobby is, thanks to free access to knowledge, studying humanities. I study law, philosophy, psychology, social psychology, history, economy and currently intensively political science.

In my artistic work two main objectives are to promote equal, free and easy access to art and culture as tools of expression and to promote conscious evolution in ways we relate to each other.

Liberty Solidarity Humanity!



Kuntavaalit 2017

Reason to love our city

Inclusion, participation and honest representation

Patriotism is love for one’s country, for one’s region or city, and taking pride in the achievements of a group we belong to, usually in advancing some ideal.

Our ideals are love and kindness, individual liberty, honesty and respect for personal privacy.

We want to live in the society where jokainen voi olla oma itseensä, everyone faces  a true possibility for dignifying life and feels sincerely respected, valuable and supported by the larger community.

Shared responsibility

We all have a stake in good functioning of our city. Right now we have in our society an extremely unequal distribution in power and influence and extreme disparity in opportunities and potential for influence. And while it excludes one group from the sphere of influence (share of justice, responsibility and consequently share of wellbeing) it puts all the burden of work and decision-making on others also for them. This scheme is a loss for all sides. Who only profits is capitalists who get to control the price of labor by keeping tension between salaried and unsalaried labor force.

In our city we will create conditions that will enable people to act and take responsibility. Shared responsibility fosters trust and motivation for the common good. Let us utilise skills, experience and potentials of all of our good people and we can achieve sustainable community to the benefit of all.

No more silenced voices!

Solidarity (humanity, equality)

”Solidarity = self-interest”

When people’s wellbeing is not taken into account by the system and governing authorities, people eventually start resisting. No oppression so far  lasted for ever without provoking unrest. More people you push under to allow more space for profit – more people you are making very unhappy. You can persuade them for a moment that it is their own fault, but the moment they meet another with the same faith, soon they’ll be back blaming the system.

Taking care of those who need it, besides being morally right thing to do – we are categorical there – is the only way we can preserve also own safety in this environment.

We as a society can forget some grandma whose days are counted anyway, but that grandma had at least one person who will be very angry about it. We can cut benefits from struggling parents, but their children will not feel obliged to treat us well either when they grow up.

We can send refugees home and get rid of them,  but they are not going anywhere away from this planet. Let’s cherish the opportunity to be their friends and learn useful things from them instead of sending them to suffer and make enemies from them.

Redistributing power and responsibility is the only step forward that doesn’t lead to the heavy and irreparable damage to our society. We have to build the structure for the functioning community and rich have to pay for it, because they have so far been on the benefiting side of the rigged system.

Let’s dance!

Politics as we knew it is dead. Political structures and frameworks we are using are outdated and  cannot provide solutions that resonate with the demands of historical circumstances. They will die out eventually (if the monsters we elected to lead us do not starve, poison of suffocate us all first) and what will replace them is now at stake for bargaining. We are offering humane solution. One that keeps us all safe.

But change must be conceived in the community. We must talk with each other and listen deliberately removing prejudices. Left Alliance has prepared itself to enable and facilitate that change and that dialogue. (even far-rightists, I am sure, mean well in their detached and diluted way. We see and feel where they are coming from 🙂 We don’t want to fight them, we want to make peace with them )

We can together make Helsinki a dynamic and open public assembly where civic virtue is cultivating itself.

Let’s make Helsinki a sparkle of change!

For our city and our community – Power is in unity!

Left Alliance program

Hyvät sosiaali- ja terveyspalvelut kaikille


Maailman parhaat koulut ja varhaiskasvatus kaikille

Kohtuuhintainen asuminen ja hyvä ympäristö

Parempi työllisyys ja hyvät työehdot

Left Alliance Model for Social&Healthcare Centres in Helsinki

Helsinki establishes 4-6 social and healthcare centres that are providing open care services for the area. Current healthcare centres transform into social and healthcare stations. The right to choose preserves as it is now.

The aim is to create flexible outpatient services where every working unit develops trough collaboration between workers and users. Political decision-makers are closely involved.

Each Social and Healthcare centre will 

  • One full open care unit serving the wider area
  • Local service (social and healthcare) units. The target of about 30 health centres, now there are 25
  • Social and healthcare services for the residents of the service homes and service centres in the area
  • Mobile services to homes, daycares, schools and service homes
  • Referring customers to the specialized services

Want the further translation? Send me a message.


Vasemmiston malli Helsingin sosiaali- ja terveyskeskuksille

Helsinki perustaa 4 – 6 sosiaali- ja terveyskeskusta, jotka tarjoavat alueellaan kattavat avopalvelut. Nykyiset terveysasemat uudistetaan näiden keskusten alaisiksi sosiaali- ja terveysasemiksi. Oikeus valita palvelupaikka säilyy nykyisenä.

Tavoite on joustava avopalvelu, jossa jokainen toimintapiste kehittyy käyttäjien ja työntekijöiden yhteistyöllä. Poliittiset päättäjät ovat tiiviisti mukana.

Jokainen sosiaali- ja terveyskeskus tuottaa

  • yhden täyden avopalvelun yksikön alueensa joukkoliikenteen solmukohdassa
  • paikallisia sosiaali- ja terveysasemia (tavoite noin 30, terveysasemia nyt 25)
  • alueensa palvelutalojen ja palvelukeskusten asukkaiden sosiaali- ja terveyspalveluja
  • liikkuvat avopalvelut koteihin, päivähoitoon, kouluihin, palvelutaloihin ym.
  • asiakkaiden ohjaamisen erityispalveluihin

Täyden avopalvelun yksikkö

tuottaa monenlaista tukea tai erityisosaamista, jota ei voida tarjota paikallisilla sosiaali- ja terveysasemilla. Sillä on joustava yhteistyö muiden erityispalveluja tuottajien kanssa. Yksikkö on samalla myös sosiaali- ja terveysasema, jotta monipuolista palvelua tarvitsevat voivat halutessaan keskittää asiointinsa yhteen paikkaaan. Muutkin voivat hakeutua yksikön asiakkaiksi.

Täyden palvelun yksikössä pitää olla perhekeskus, joka tarjoaa perheille oikeuden saada monipuolista avopalvelua yhdessä paikassa. Yksikkö vastaa myös vanhusten ja vammaisten avohuollon erityispalveluista.

Sosiaali- ja terveysasemat

Pääosan helsinkiläisten avopalveluista saa kaupungin sosiaali- ja terveysasemalta. Niitä tarvitaan nyt noin 30 eli soteasema noin 15 – 30 000 asukasta kohti. Pätevät lääkärit ja sosiaalityöntekijät tarjoavat hoitoa ja ratkaisuja ja kartoittavat palvelutarpeita. He ohjaavat asiakkaita täyden avopalvelun yksiköihin tai HYKS:in erityispalveluihin. Yksilö- ja perhetyön lisäksi asemilla on ryhmäpalveluja. Terveyden- ja sairaanhoitajat ja sosiaaliohjaajat antavat suoraan monia palveluja.

Sosiaali- ja terveysasema vie peruspalvelua päiväkoteihin ja kouluihin. Se huolehtii oman alueensa kotipalvelusta ja tukee asumista erilaisissa palvelutaloissa. Samoin siitä, että ihmistä ei pakoteta jäämään kotihoitoon. Kaupunki tarjoaa riittävästi ryhmä- ja palveluasumista. Huonokuntoisten ambulanssirallia rajoitetaan viemällä liikkuvia palveluja sinne, missä niitä kulloinkin tarvitaan.

Peruspalvelu pitää saada läheltä, mutta erityispalveluja yhdistää

Täyden avopalvelun yksiköt tarvitsevat hyvään peruspalveluun omistautuvia sosiaali- ja terveysasemia, jotka huolehtivat pääosasta asiakkaita. Silloin täyden palvelun yksiköt voivat keskittyä erityisesti niihin ihmisiin, joiden palvelutarve edellyttää monen ammattilaisen tiivistä yhteistyötä.

Soteuudistus tehtävä palvelujen käyttäjiä varten, ei yksityisille yrityksille

Kokoomus haluaa rajata kunnalliset palvelut vain muutamaan täyden palvelun taloon. Silloin satunnaisesti lääkäriä ja muuta yleistä sairaanhoitoa tarvitsevat asukkaat siirtyisivät nykyistäkin enemmän yksityisten lääkäriasemien ja yhtiöiden käyttäjiksi. Yksityiset keräisivät helpoimmat asiakkaat. Ne saisivat edelleen helpommin työvoimaa kuin kaupungin/maakunnan tuotantoyksikkö, jonka on huolehdittava kaikesta siitä, mitä yksityiset eivät halua tarjota.


The Report from The Summer University, Budapest 19-23.07.2017 Organized by EL and transform! europe

Budapest was, perhaps, chosen to host this year’s EL Summer University because of the especially hard times the population of Hungary is going through and even heavier oppression of the left ideas and organizations. The atmosphere among the participants was friendly, people were interested in learning about and from others and, apart from (i suppose …

Rich are merging, billions are piling, a little bit from me and you and everybody

Companies such as Svea create wealth out of peoples misfortunes and of those who, for whatever reason, are not in a position to pay the bill on a due date. Auris, on the other hand, has a monopoly in Helsinki, namely, it is the only company from which one can buy gas in Helsinki. “Auris …

I hear you!

Olga Zamurović

email: olgazamurovic@live.com                                                   twitter: @OlgaZamurovic                               https://www.facebook.com/ozamurovic/

If you wish to discuss some topic or you have an issue you want me to put forth in the campaign do not hesitate to contact me!