Pena in English

I’m Pentti Perunka and I’m running to become a representative of the Left Alliance at Vantaa Municipal Council. I’m 41 years old father and bus driver. Being a father is most important in my life. My first children are becoming adults while my new family is growing. At this time of my life I strongly feel that I need to contribute more for the better city and the world.

I want to change the politics in Vantaa. I’m particularly worried about the new Social and Health Care Service Model and increasing austerity oriented economic policy in Vantaa affecting e.g. schools. Vantaan Sanomat mentioned my viewpoint regarding the importance of small classroom sizes in their article 19.3. (in Finnish).

I have earlier volunteered in number of positions mostly within labour union. After first gaining such responsibilities I wanted to strenghten my competence. I attended number of courses at the adult education center Kiljavan opisto owned by the Central Confederation of Trade Unions SAK. I learnt negotiation skills, law and the connection between well-being and productivity. Furthermore, I studied social policy: how it actually combines the structures that affects the well-being of people.

I’m most specialised in transport and – given my labour union background – in work life matters, rights and duties. Years as worker’s representative provided me with amount of knowledge. I have served both as Shop Steward and Health and Safety Representative. Recently I have given them away since continuous lay off processes became overly effortfull and I needed a break. Currently I’m organising training for my local labour union branch and serving as a Member of the Council in Transport Workers’ Union AKT.

Flexible, full-covering, free public transport is one of my priority political goals because it would increase equality. I’m familiar with the putting public services out to tender processes, particularly regarding transport. The list of all my political goals are at the bottom of this page.

I’m from the North, but have settled and been nesting in Vantaa for more than ten years. Even though my home and heart are here, I need to visit the North once in while to visit the familiar landscapes, hunting association’s cottage in the middle of the forest, childhood friends and relatives. Luckily there are marvellous terrains for outdoor activities also in Vantaa, even Sipoonkorpi National Park is close. I also tend to visit Kuusijärvi around the year. Additionally, dogs are important hobby of mine. I have trained dogs and dog-owners, attended competiotions and enjoy outdoor activities with dogs.

I’m proud of Vantaa. This is a wonderful city with wide range of people. Even though I strongly aim to make Vantaa better, there are plenty of good things here already.

In 2004-2005 I served as a peacekeeper in Kosovo. I wanted to move abroad in order to do good. I witnessed number of dramatic and sad situations but also hope for the better future through cooperation. Kosovo was a turning point for me: I deeply understood the importance of international cooperation and solidarity work.

In addition to national level labor union activities I have attended the international solidarity work. I’m a Decent Work Ambassador of The Trade Union Solidarity Centre of Finland SASK. I participated their study trip to Mozambique in November 2016. Multiple discussions with local activists provided me with plenty of new aspects, too. Solidarity work has always been close to my heart – ever since I heard the song ”Kansainvälinen – Internationale” as a child.

I have mostly worked with transport. I have also worked in real estate field. When younger, I graduated from vocational school and have a vocational degree. At work I occasionally drive longer routes, but mostly drive and coordinate passenger drop-offs from the airport to long distance transportations and vice versa.


My political goals


  1. Free, public transport
  2. The city to focus on employment
  3. The city to priorite providing public services also in the future
  4. Loose city construction and plenty of nature at neighborhoods
  5. Respect for all the people
  6. The city to be responsible putting the public service out to tender process organisator and subscriber (referring e.g. to responsible subcontracting and avoiding tax havens)
  7. Social and health care model for the benefit of the people
  8. Equal early education
  9. Cheap housing

Arguments for the goals in Finnish here.